What is 1k HOPES ?

We live in times when one crisis follows the next, and where mankind exploits and destroys its own livelihood. Science is clear: Only a fundamental transformation can save us!

But how can far-reaching sustainable and ethically fair actions be accelerated outside our "everyday family life"?

We at 1k HOPES are ambitious to intervene here and to bring forward measurable glimmers of hope (our HOPES) for a sustainable, ecologically and ethically fair transformation, which is beneficial for all of us - NATURE, CLIMATE and SOCIETY - and not only for a privileged few.

HOW?        Through inspiration (BLOG), participation and motivation (ACTIONS).

WHERE?    In the region of South Tyrol (northern Italy) and beyond!

Who is 1k HOPES ?

1k HOPES is a project initiated by Michael Steinwandter and his family. Michael is a biologist, hiking guide and environmentalist. As his family is living already an ambitious sustainable life-style, they wanted to extend their influence and inspire others in the region and the whole world.